Eyes of Love

Eyes of Love Psychotherapy

Helping you look with love upon all the unhealed parts of yourself.

Nothing brings me more joy and fulfilment in life than helping people to view themselves and the world around them with an open heart. For me, this is what it means to see through eyes of love.

The Practice

Eyes of Love Psychotherapy is a holistic, integrative, and heartful counselling practice created by Josh Funfer and located on Salt Spring Island, BC. Josh offers both remote and in-person counselling sessions.

Serving Salt Spring Island and Beyond

Please feel welcome to email me at josh@eyesoflove.ca or call me at 1-250-537-7330.

About my Work

We all long to be truly seen and accepted for who we are. And yet, have you ever found that it is easier to accept other people than it is to accept yourself? Many of us have been taught from a young age that we need to criticize ourselves in order to become successful in life. We have been conditioned to believe that it is acceptable, and even necessary, to judge ourselves negatively. When we judge a part of who we are, we usually reject that part. However, these rejected parts of ourselves often have a hidden gift to offer us. By accepting them, we can receive their gifts and return to a state of Wholeness. I can help you begin to recognize and accept these forgotten parts of yourself.

When we receive love, support, and respect, we blossom and flourish like a flower nourished by ample sunlight and water. Whereas, in the absence of love, support, and respect, we wilt like a flower that has been deprived of this essential nourishment.

Here is the heart of it: nothing is more nourishing than our own self-love and self-respect.

My work is rooted in the belief that we all have the innate capacity to heal ourselves. This innate capacity can flourish when we are given enough space, safety, and support. I am here to support you on your inner journey of self-discovery and healing.

Together we can slow things down and work in the present moment to recognize the wounds and past traumas within you that are calling out for help and healing. In slowing down, we will also begin to notice and embrace the innate strengths, capacities, and positive qualities that lay dormant within you.

Habitual patterns, negative beliefs, and deep-rooted fears begin to transform when they are met with gentle curiosity and openness. This quality of openness is what we cultivate when we practice loving, open-hearted awareness. If you choose to work with me, we will learn together how to look with open-hearted awareness upon any and all aspects of yourself that yearn to be seen, respected, and loved. This is what Eyes of Love Psychotherapy is all about.