Eyes of Love


There are currently no upcoming events scheduled, but I will be offering more events in the coming months.
These talks and workshops will explore a wide range of psychological, spiritual, and human topics.
Stay tuned.

Past Events

Seeing Through Eyes of LoveA Practice for Cultivating Self-Awareness & Self-Acceptance

Jul 30, 20215:00 PM PSTFREE • Live Online Talk

I am giving this talk because I want to share a practice with you - the practice of seeing yourself and the world around you through eyes of love.

This practice is very close to my heart. It is both the foundation for my holistic counselling work, and it is the core of my spiritual practice.

In this talk, I will tell you about some of the most significant experiences, lessons, and insights in my life that helped me discover what it means to see through eyes of love. I will describe how viewing yourself through eyes of love can help you begin to cultivate self-awareness and self-acceptance. I will also explain some of the most important aspects of this practice and give you 3 practical tools to help you bring it into your daily life. Finally, I will lead a 15-minute guided meditation to help you experience what it is like to see yourself through eyes of love.